Empowering Business and Community

We can take your business to the next level

Forefront Software Development, PLC is a purpose-driven technology company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our products and services are focused on a mobile-first technology cycle. Many small and medium enterprises in Ethiopia have little to no budget to invest in systems and software. Our softwares provide essential tools for your company including customer acquisition and retention.

Empowering Business AND Community

Our focus is not simply on helping our clients. We are a social enterprise with a specific focus on orphaned and at-risk youth who have aged out of the academic system. We hire these youth and give them a paid internship where they learn by doing. They develop high-value job skills that can translate to employment ore entrepreneurship after finishing their program.

Empowering Others

Our Values Ensure We All Thrive Together


We want everyone around us to be better and to do better because of who we are. We bolster, legitimize, and strengthen everyone around us.


We strive so that what we do always matches what we say. We speak honestly and we are reliable and sincere. Problems are assessed and solved honestly. Trust is hard to earn but easy to lose, so we focus on being trustworthy.


We deliver the highest quality services, products, and performance. We know that when you’re running a small business, every Birr counts. When you chose us, your money will be well spent and we’re confident the return on investment will be amazing.


We are a close-knit team with a unified goal and purpose. Our clients’ success is our success and even their customers’ success is all our success. We thrive together.

Our Products


Focused on Small and Medium Businesses, our app will help you with Customer Acquisition and Retention, while also helping you provide discounts to your customers.


Forefront Interns

This website was designed 100% by our interns. In one year, they went from very little English and no knowledge of computers to designing this site by themselves as a team. We are very proud of them!



Go ahead and reach out. We’d love to connect with you.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nefas Silk-Lafto, Woreda 03

Across from Adot Mall